We seek to understand ourselves in new ways – whether prompted by an event or an internal drive.

Therapy opens the space to cultivate that process of self-discovery. Together, we will identify what brought you to therapy and what change you hope to see. There is great freedom in having a safe, confidential place to explore all facets of yourself.

Because therapy is such a personal process, I believe that the most important element in choosing someone is the degree of fit between you and your therapist. My training at Northwestern University emphasized that we must approach each client with a customized toolkit of interventions and styles to unlock their unique needs for change. I have been practicing for over twelve years, which brings a level of experience balanced with a sense of ease. Being a recent transplant from Chicago where I trained and had a full-time private practice, I bring a fresh perspective and eagerness to serving those clients in Orange County.

I am adept at working with individuals, couples, families, blended families, and extended family systems. One may present under an array of headings: from young adult to mid-life, from life transitions to intensive support. And because one can experience so much in a slice of a lifespan, I am equipped with the ability to unpack and support that complexity.

I believe this profession is a privilege: to hear and help others. I deeply believe in the power of meeting a client where they are at – this sense of trust and connection can lead to so much change in the client’s life. I bring warmth, understanding, keen observation, and a little bit of humor to my work.

Wisdom is the intelligence of the system as a whole.